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The first thing we do when a client comes to us is assess their particular situation. Every client’s project is different. We pour ourselves into extensive research and planning to ensure we can provide timely and accurate delivery of our work by anticipating and planning for any possible roadblocks. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.


WBE | SBE | DBE | License: #B932834

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Deliver cost effective design that is sustainable, adaptable, and suitable for the taxpayer. With PCI Builders, you are empowered to create enterprising design for the public sector that drive new efficiencies through cost effectiveness, adaptability and sustainability. You’ll always be confident knowing you stretched the taxpayer’s dollar as far as you could.

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Healthcare requires you and your team to be empowered and prepared. With PCI Builders your staff can count on that. Healthcare is an ever evolving field but at PCI Builders we foresee and tackle problems and changes before they happen. We will go the extra mile to make sure we’ve created a safe and comfortable environment for your patients and your staff. We focus on innovative design for anything from small medical offices to primary care facilities.

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Rethink the traditional classroom design and provide a more creative environment. The world of education is changing by the day in order to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. PCI Builders provides educators a creative environment that rethinks the traditional classroom design, from kindergarten to university. We aim to provide you the option to select a design conducive to learning at any level.


PCI Builders will always protect your investment without sacrificing the quality and service your guests expect. We understand there is no room for compromises or workarounds when designing and building for your guests. From residential vacation rentals to hotels, your guests expect a home away from home, and that is what we’ll provide. 

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We guarantee exceptional improvements to spaces looking to enhance their design, finishes, and value. Whether it’s requested by the landlord or the tenant, tenant improvements are a great way to maintain leased premises with up-to-date enhancements. PCI Builders knows the importance of your investment, and always delivers cost-effective and tailor-made solutions for every project.


Provide an office space that inspires others to imagine and create a better world. By using high-quality materials and an innovative approach to office space design, we create comfortable and modern working premises. At PCI Builders, we only build and design spaces to be unique and compelling for all that set foot in your business.

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As the retail world shifts due to the rapidly evolving landscape of physical shopping, spaces have to adapt and provide elevated experiences that encourage visitors to feel safe and shop. PCI Builders always focuses on the experience you want to deliver to each customer as soon as they walk in and designs each space tailor-made with your goal in mind.


Every investor needs to be assured their investment is protected by great design and build. PCI Builders guarantees your vision for your investment is accurately represented by collaborating and understanding the end result of your commercial investment. Whether it’s an office, retail, industrial, or multifamily space, PCI Builders has the experience and knowledge to go above and beyond in every project we’re entrusted to work on.

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Your investment matters to us. We will make sure every project is completed in a timely manner, and boost your profits along the way.


We pride ourselves on our accuracy. That is why we offer precise design and build technology ensuring your job is done right the first time.



You give us a budget, we adhere to it. Changes do occur along the way but we have the experience to be able to work with you and stay within your guidelines.



You’ll have options. With a refreshing design, you’ll be able to rework, reuse, and reconfigure the materials in your space at any time.

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We focus on the present but always plan for the future. This allows us to be a solid partner for you even through changing and unstable times.

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Your vision deserves unique execution. We start fresh with every project and never copy and paste solutions.



Rest assured, there will be no wasted materials, and no wasted costs on any projects we decide to take on.

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Women-Owned Business Enterprise


Small Business Enterprise


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise


Contractor License



Voted Best General Contractor San Gabriel Valley

2015 Reader’s Choice Awards

Alumnus Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses

Woman-Owned Business


236220 Commercial & Industrial Building

541310 Architectural Services

541410 Interior Design

238390 Other Building Finishing

238990 All Other Specialty Trade Contractor

236118 Residential Remodel

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